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The CAP urges pathologists and laboratories to apply for small business loans

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  • Virtual Lecture Series for Pathology Residents

    Apr 1, 山东11选5遗漏 - May 1, 山东11选5遗漏
  • Association of Medical Laboratory Immunologists (AMLI)

    May 8, 山东11选5遗漏 - May 12, 山东11选5遗漏

    Honolulu, HI

  • American College山东11选5遗漏 of Rheumatology

    May 16, 山东11选5遗漏 - May 20, 山东11选5遗漏

    Washington, DC

  • Pathology in the Park

    Jun 22, 山东11选5遗漏 - Jun 25, 山东11选5遗漏

    Tenaya Lodge, 1122 CA-41, Fish Camp, CA 93623; (888) 514-216

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February 山东11选5遗漏 Cancer Protocol Updates

Reporting protocols designed by pathologists for pathologists are among the most valuable CAP member benefits. Templates that record pathologic findings in uniform ways can drive substantial improvements in the quality of care that patients receive. They can also build the credibility and influence of the specialty within the wider health care system.

The February 山东11选5遗漏 release of the updated Cancer Protocols, Biomarker Reporting Templates, and electronic Cancer Checklists (eCCs) also included an all-new Reporting Protocol for the Examination of Gross Autopsy of Adult Decedents.